Tips for the Bride to be!

Weddings, oh weddings- how I love them! Thank goodness because I work about, (hold on while I do this simple math on my phone :) 50 a year! In the 5 years I have had my business I’ve gathered a treasure trove of tips to get you to your glowiest, with less stress!

Here are some of my top tips for preparing for your big day.

1. Water, agua, H2O…. Drink it! Just like all the magazines say, it’s true! Dehydration affects our entire bodies, as well as our appearance. You will be doing a lot of eating, stressing, drinking alcohol and staying up late in the weeks before your wedding- make it a point to take care of yourself during this phase. Water is the simplest and most effective defense against getting sick, over tired and cranky. I’ve heard so many times from brides that they stopped taking care of themselves while doing all the planning and running around while creating their perfect wedding. Those reusable twist top cups from Starbuck’s are my lifesaver- they keep your drink cold for hours, and I swear drinking 16 oz’s through a straw is so much easier than from a cup or bottle! Add lemon, green tea drops or a splash of cranberry juice and thank me when your rings fall off in a few days! (Goodbye water weight.)

2. Brows- the architecture of the face, the frame for the eyes- or you know….the window to your soul! Clean, full and softly arched brows can change the entire face, they can rival a facelift when done correctly! Visit a professional as soon as possible, but at least two months before the wedding have them professionally shaped either by waxing or tweezing (if you are super sensitive). Earlier is better because often there are sparse areas that need to be regrown, visit again once or twice before the wedding (or whatever your artist recommends) perfect brows are not made in a day ladies! My one stop shop for ALL things skin and waxing?

Blackbird Bellevue- See owner May Pederson for the best brows of your life.

3. The day of your hair and makeup trial, set yourself up for success! Find inspiration images, have a clean face and clean dry hair (your artist can make hair dirty, but not clean!) wear a nice white blouse or dress and your wedding jewelry (this will help you to envision yourself the way you will actually look, bridal hair and makeup looks a little confusing when paired with sweats or jeans and a T!) Communicate with your artist, “natural” or “glam” can be interpreted in many ways, so be specific if there is something you really dont want, or something you really DO want!

After your trial is finished, take pictures and check yourself out in different light throughout the day- photos steal makeup, you may be surprised when your natural look is too natural in photos- this can be fixed by tweaking blush and bronzer, as well as the size of your false lashes- without changing your overall look.


4. The day before your wedding have your hair blown out professionally, not only will you look oh-so polished for your rehearsal dinner, the hair will be perfectly prepped for your updo or style the next day, I promise your hairstylist will be grateful for the bounce and manageability and your style will look better than your trial.

5. A few favorite products for looking uber-hot:

~ Burts Bees Radiance Lotion- Gives the skin a glowing radiant sheen, not glittery or sparkly, and looks incredible in photos.

~ Luster Premium White Luster Now! Toothpaste- Super scientific blue particles illuminate your teeth, brightening and whitening them instantly! So cool!

~ NARS Laguna Bronzer- My go to, perfect bronzer for all skin tones, imparts warmth and glow without any possibility of orange or glitter.

~ Origins Drink Up Mask- Hydrate your skin the night before or the morning of your wedding with this super calming and moisturizing mask. You’ll need less makeup and look more refreshed.

That’s all for today ladies- feel free to comment with questions! You can also drop a line on my Facebook page if you ever have questions or requests, would love to see you there!¬†

Be well,



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